Episode 12 “This Note’s for You”

This episode of ECITV features an interview with Rachel Gaskin, Australia #3 in Elite Women. We catch up with Michael Bias for another Bias Opinion, this time around we touch on sponsorship. Of course there is a bunch of BMX racing news in among it all.

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ECITV is the brainchild of our hosts, ECI’s Gary Brookes and bmxultra.com’s Shane Jenkins. A 100% BMX Racing show recorded for YouTube. It fills a void left in the BMX Industry with no regular visual media.

The ECITV duo share decades of BMX racing knowledge and expertise from racing at grass roots levels to competing at world championships at elite level to importing some of the biggest names in BMX today.

The goal of ECITV is essentially to educate our viewers with latest products, discussing technologies and developments in the sport and exposing more people to BMX racing and help with growth. All while having a little fun with it.

While there is no racing on through COVID-19 we are testing the waters with new shows each week. To keep the content going we are recording entirely on Skype, while we might lose a little sound and video quality we think it’s good enough…for now.

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