Episode 30 “Touched”

We recorded episode 30 of ECITV, the last for the year, at the BSX compound and discussed

00:33 New products from Answer, StayStrong and Ikon
07:40 Interview with Troy Tomay about Track Attack
24:59 BSX2021 feature
37:12 Bloopers (Back by popular demand)


New Stuff

  • StayStrong
    • Platforms Pedals in Junior and Pro sizes
    • Seats
    • Top and Frontload Stems
  • Answer
    • 20MM through axle
    • Tapered headset
    • OS20 Pinnacle rims
    • Lock on grips in pink min/pro and flange and flangeless
    • Number plates in orange mini and pro
  • Ikon
    • Carbon rims 20 x 1 1/8″ and 1 3/8″
  • ECI now has Afterpay
  • Bare Creek Bike Park was officially opened but appears to have been affected by rain and a COVID closure in the Northern Beaches area in NSW
  • No Answer BMX Show Us Ya Bike this episode
    Don’t forget to send in your submissions to ecitv.com.au/bike


BSX2021 (JUMP TO 24:59)


Back by popular demand

Merry Christmas and Happy new year from the ECITV crew!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this episode and a special thanks to Answer BMX, ECI BMX, bmxultra.com and Supercross BMX Australia for their ongoing support. A massive shout out to our subscribers.

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