Episode 29 “Let’s Live For Today”

ECITV is really starting to take shape in Episode 29. Gary and Shane are back in the studio again talking about the latest in BMX news, products and events. But they were also able to finally venture out and capture some racing from the Northern BMX Club as they held the first club race in Victoria’s metropolitan region since March due to COVID restrictions. Glenn Main and Max Cairns did a great job of helping us capture the day. Cheers to everyone involved.


New Stuff

  • ABC Is Developing Line of Cook Bros. Racing Parts
    Among the products in development are Neo Retro products such as handlebars and stems in 22.2 and 31.8 diameters, seat clamps, headsets and cranks. ABC also plans to sell brake sets and hubs co-branded with Box Components.
  • The bmxultra.com online gear calculator now includes Radio Oxygen tire options.
  • Felicia Stancil has announced that her time is up at Supercross……where is she going?
    After we completed filming the show she announced it would be Answer/SSquared.
  • No Answer BMX Show Us Ya Bike this episode
    Don’t forget to send in your submissions to ecitv.com.au/bike


  • USABMX Grand Nationals ( 3 x Repeat Titles)
    Congratulations to the Winners:
    • Connor Fields (AA Men)
    • Alise Willoughby (Pro Women)
    • Tyler Brown (Vet Pro)
    • Jeremy Smith Staystrong (Pull Magazine – Pro of the Year)
    • see usabmx.com for more from the Grands
  • Track Attack
    Gone back to Sat, Sun, Tue, Thur, Sat, Sun schedule (9-17 January 2021)
    Are waiting for restriction announcements on Sunday but at this stage will be limiting the classes and restricting rider numbers about 250 to keep the total group number to 500. Fingers crossed restrictions are relaxed and we will see more riders enjoying Track Attack.
    After we completed filming the show they announced they would have a cap of 1000 people per round which includes riders, volunteers and spectators. A great outcome for organisers.
    follow facebook.com/TrackAttackBmx
  • BSX2021 news
    Tees are now available for pre-order
    Gold Partner Phirebird
    Wes Colbran donated Mongoose Netflix Stranger Things Mad Max limited edition bike and Luke Madill signed jerseys


We were invited along to the first BMX race in Melbourne’s metropolitan area since COVID lockdowns began in March. The 30+ Men put on a good little show for us and the pro class was the highlight for the day. It was our first attempt at capturing an event with camera’s on the ground and getting amongst it. Big thanks to the Northern BMX crew and Glenn Main and Max Cairns for their help.


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this episode and a special thanks to Answer BMX, ECI BMX, bmxultra.com and Supercross BMX Australia for their ongoing support. A massive shout out to our subscribers.

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