Episode 20 “The Contender”

Michael Bias joins us for the 20th episode of ECITV where we discuss the latest BMX news from the past week. Michael helps us judge the Answer BMX Show Us Ya Bike segment. In the Bias Opinion we discuss off track self promotion for pro riders and Michael’s last two weeks in a training camp with the NZ track team.

General Discussion (Jump to 0:32)

Answer BMX Show us ya bike (Jump to 10:05)

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The Bias Opinion (Jump to 24:00)

We talk to Michael about

  • Off track self promotion for pro riders
  • Training camp with the NZ track team

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this episode and a special thanks to Answer BMX, ECI BMX, bmxultra.com and Supercross BMX Australia for their ongoing support. A massive shout out to our subscribers.

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