Episode 16 “Sixteen Going On Seventeen”

Gary is back for Episode 16 of ECITV. In this episode Gary talks to Ross Harland from Krankit about their recent closure. We discuss some current news and upcoming products. Of course we finish out the episode with our favourite weekly segment, the Answer BMX Show Us Ya Bike competition.

General Discussion (Jump to 0:53)

  • Gary missed this last week but The 2020 Australian National Series has been cancelled, it looks like the only opportunity we will have for a road trip this year might be Tassie. Don’t spoil for us Victoria, we’re counting on you
  • ECIBMX Hoodies have arrived and are available now through eciimports.com
  • Happy belated Birthday to our inhouse tech guru Paul Knox
  • 2020 BMXNZ Nationals are being rescheduled to 24-25 October – normally over the Easter weekend
  • New products
    • New cromo forks for a tapered steerer from Elevn
    • New Insight 31.8 stems which will be followed by oversized handlebars
    • New Ikon alloy rims are coming soon
    • Profile appear to have a new ti driver with two bearings instead of a bearing and bush and a new ti axle but there is very little information on them right now, we’ll see if these will be available
    • Alienation has a new Foothold thermoplastic pedal with a bigger platform. These have Stainless steel replaceable pins and available in 4 colours Black, Pink, Orange and Red
    • Supercross BMX cromo 6 bar SX250 frame is going to ship soon and they are selling fast. This is a 30th anniversary frame done in limited numbers and sizes. It’s got the retro look but with Prestige Tange tubing and modern race geometry with canti brake mounts, a euro bb and integrated headset. Contact a dealer listed at supercrossbmx.com.au.

Krankit Closure (Jump to 6:59)

Gary talks to Ross Harland about the closure of Krankit

Answer BMX Show us ya bike (Jump to 22:07)

Send in your entries via our form at ecitv.com.au/bike

Bloopers (Jump to 32:08)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this episode and a special thanks to Answer BMX, ECI BMX, bmxultra.com and Supercross BMX Australia for their ongoing support. A massive shout out to our subscribers.

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