Episode 15: Simple Man

Michael Bias fills in for Gary hosting in episode 15 of ECITV. In the Bias Opinion Michael gives us his take on hubs. We introduce Michael into the wonderful world of the Answer BMX Show us ya bike. And we discuss current news in BMX racing. This is the shortest episode so far and no bloopers, what does that say about Gary? We miss you Gary.

General Discussion (Jump to 0:26)

  • 2020 Australian National Series has been cancelled…maybe…there might be awards…maybe…there might be another round at the end of the year to coincide with the Australian Championships in Launceston at the end of the year. The announcement was a little unclear.
  • We spoke about this briefly last week but wanted some input from Michael. BMXNews.com had an article about the USABMX cancelling the 2020 Pro Series. “USA BMX is out today with news that the 2020 titles will be decided solely by the results at the Grands–with a $25,000 purse for each Elite class, and a $5000 purse for Vet Pro.”
  • ECIBMX Hoodies have arrived and are available now
  • Happy Birthday Lauren Reynolds

Bias Opinion (Jump to 4:59)

We talk to Michael Bias about hubs

The Answer BMX Show us ya bike (Jump to 12:26)

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