Episode 13: Learning to Fly

In this episode of ECITV we discuss sponsorship with Bill Ryan from Supercross/Speedline. We choose a winner from a tough Answer BMX Show Us Ya Bike competition and talk about all things BMX.

General Discussion (Jump to 0:26)

  • Blewpine BMX Ranch – In the hills above Adelaide at Blewitts Springs, SA
  • Martin Ward from Sqorz told us about new Sqorz Leaderboard functionality
    Created as a COVID-safe Competition
    A perfect training/coaching tool
    A race against the clock with a bunch of cool filters and sorting options.
    Link: https://our.sqorz.com/org/knoxbmxclub/leaderboard/5ed4bbc53b334228232d200e
  • The 2020 BMXSA State Championships have moved to Friday 25th to Sunday 27th September @ Blue Lake BMX Club, Mount Gambier.
  • USABMX’s Bounce Back nationals attracted 800 riders last weekend to get the USA series back online. It looks like USA is ready to get back into racing, who will be next?
  • Krank-It Bike Gear is up for sale
    Started back in 2006 and with one of the Nations most successful race teams, Ross Harland had decided to retire from the sport. Head over to Krankit Bike Gear to get all the details. This comes off the back of the recent sale of BMXEdge which has now moved to the Gold Coast.

Sponsorship Discussion (Jump to 5:16)

Bill Ryan jumps on the call to talk about sponsorship at Supercross BMX

Answer BMX Show us ya bike (Jump to 29:33)

Who won this week’s Show us ya bike?

Send in your entries via our form at ecitv.com.au/bike

Bloopers (Jump to 40:51)

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