Episode 10 “Set Me Free”

In this episode of ECITV we focus on loosening up of COVID restrictions and what it means for BMX racing. We have our first Show Us Ya Bike in two weeks, we’re very proud to announce this segment is now presented by Answer BMX. We also catch up with New Zealand Elite Racer Michael Bias for another Bias Opinion.

General Discussion (Jump to 0:07)

  • Northern Beaches Council jump park
    “Sneak peak: check out some pics of this incredible new MTB park which is on track for a Spring opening. We’ll keep you posted as it gets closer to completion.”
    Go to facebook.com/BareCreekBikePark or facebook.com/beachescouncil for more info.
  • USABMX’s Bounce Back nationals are in a couple of weeks now.
    We were wondering what BMX racing might look like post lock down well BMXNews.com asked USABMX the questions
    • Up to 8 riders on the gate
    • Limited Spectators per family encouraged.
    • Livestream of all racing throughout the weekend.
    • Contactless Registration (web-based signup required)
    • Staging area will be substantially increased and lengthened.
    • Riders must immediately leave the finish line, should wear helmets back to pits.
      Go to bmxnews.com/2020/05/21/two-what-abouts-for-the-bounce-back-nationals to get all the info.
  • When will we see more tracks opening up locally?
    Are clubs more concerned about club activities than getting riders on the tracks?
    It seems to me kicking a football or riding on a loaded bike path would lead to spreading pandemics where BMXing on a track makes it much easier to keep your distance from others.
    Now would be the perfect time to get people to have fun at the track, it would be like the good old days.
    Sure for some tracks there is potential for damage to the track this time of the year especially after the rainfall we’ve had.
    Problem is clubs are saying public tracks are closed.
    I noticed Sunbury track is unfenced, there’s no signage but according to the club the track is closed.
    Sunbury local and good friend Glenn Main asked if the track was open. After running it by council and the COVID hotline it was confirmed that the public track is open providing users use their common sense and adhere to social distancing.
    Make sure you confirm with your local authorities, we don’t want to get you in any trouble.
  • Are pro sized carbon bars the new hot item?
    I noticed that Prophecy have announced a new carbon handlebar that’s on the way.
    The spokes we were talking about are Berd Polyethylene Spokes: berdspokes.com
  • New ECIBMX Merchandise on the way.
    More Tees, and Beanies and hoodies should be popular.
  • bmxultra.com sizing chart is an easy to use online tool that allows you to enter your body measurements and suggests sizing for bike set up.
    Sizing chart: bmxultra.com/bmx-sizing-charts/
    Gear chart: bmxultra.com/gear-calculator/

Answer BMX Presents “Show Us Ya Bike” (Jump to 14:31)

A Bias Opinion (Jump to 25:38)

What does coming out of COVID look like in NZ?

Bloopers (Jump to 34:29)

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