100% BMX Racing Show: Episode 7 “Girl On Fire”

Welcome to ECITV’s Episode 7 our Women in BMX racing feature. We interview elite racers Lauren Reynolds and Gemma-Lee Thomas and volunteer/official Danielle Pompe. Of course we have our Show Us Ya Bike segment too.

What’s in this Episode
00:52 General Discussion
03:24 Interview with Lauren Reynolds
28:55 Show us ya bike
36:42 Interview with Gemma-Lee Thomas
47:34 Interview with Danielle Pompe
1:04:14 Coming Up
1:06:08 Bloopers

General Discussion (Jump to 00:52)
– Kai’s Fundraiser 77 for 77
– Elite riders raising money for their fallen Comrade, started by the Willoughby’s – Sam and Alise
– Saya’s video: https://www.facebook.com/sayasakakiba…
– Rider’s Life Staystrong V3 unboxing Luke Christiano
– Sam Willoughby will be going live on the BMXA Instagram this Sunday at 12PM (AEST) to answer all your questions!

Interview with Lauren Reynolds (Jump to 03:24)
– 2 x Olympian who’s set to qualify for her third at Tokyo

Show Us Ya Bike (Jump to 28:55)
– Bree
– Paul Knox
– Ryan & Texas Whitling
– Shane Elliot

Interview with Gemma-Lee Thomas (Jump to 36:42)
– Australian elite racer & coach

Interview with Danielle Pompe (Jump to 47:34)
– Volunteer & Ballarat BMX Club Committee Member

Coming Up (Jump to 1:04:14)
– Interview with young up and coming pro Nathan Glab about racing, Supercross events in Australia and coaching – Episode 8
– More Michael Bias
– We will get on to some more tech talk
– Alloy cranks Vs Cromo cranks

Bloopers (Jump to 1:06:08)

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