Episode 14: Teach Your Children

In this episode of ECITV Gary talks to Andrew from RJPBMX about a big announcement. Shane discusses sponsorship with Dane from Dane Design. We give a shout out to Hudson Brown. We have another tight Answer BMX Show Us Ya Bike, and a whole lot more.

General Discussion (Jump to 0:19)

  • ODI Grips have announced limited edition Caroline Buchanan Donut themed Ruffian grips. Complete with Donuts printed with pink iced donuts on them and sprinkles on the clamps. It looks like they are available in a couple of sizes too.
  • BMXNews.com had an article about the USABMX cancelling the 2020 Pro Series. “USA BMX is out today with news that the 2020 titles will be decided solely by the results at the Grands–with a $25,000 purse for each Elite class, and a $5000 purse for Vet Pro.” http://www.bmxnews.com/2020/06/18/202…
  • Australia’s National Series could be a little difficult to run with borders being closed. Fingers crossed borders open up for the final round at the Cove in October, it’s a bit of a favourite for a road trip.
  • Advance Traders who import DK, BOX and Tangent into Australia are looking for a National Sales Manager across all their brands. www.seek.com.au/job/50089838
  • BMX International have some S&M Covid Cruisers (26″ and 29″) on the way. Due in Australia in September.

RJPBMX Announcement (Jump to 3:36)

Gary has a visit from Andrew from RJP who has some new to share

Sponsorship Discussion (Jump to 17:29)

We talk to Dane Anderson from Dane Designs about sponsorship

The Answer BMX Show us ya bike (Jump to 28:30)

More great bikes on show. You will have to watch to see this weeks winner. Send in your entries via our form at ecitv.com.au/bike

Shout out to Hudson Brown (Jump to 42:25)

7 Year old Hudson Brown, son of the R from the RAD team and long time racer Russell Brown has been diagnosed with Leukaemia He’s had two surgeries already and intensive chemotherapy coming up. In a social media post from Russell’s wife Shaun she said “We don’t need anything but if you do have any spare positive vibes lying around, please send them Hudson’s way or consider making a donation to the RCH or the leukaemia foundation to help other kids like Hudson.” Massive shout out to Hudson and his family from the ECITV, ECIIMPORTS and BMXULTRA family.

Bloopers (Jump to 45:10)

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