A BMX Racing Show: Episode 1 “Born Ready”

Get to know your #ECITV hosts Shane and Gary

– A little background on the boys that will be bringing you ECITV

Some general discussion

– The Big Chair Interviews – A little about what we’d like to offer with the show going forward, and we are happy to take suggestions from our viewers. Email your suggestions to ecitv@bmxultra.com. – The health of BMX racing in NSW pulling impressive 700 rider counts – How to donate and support Kai Sakakibara #KaiFight77 and his family

Show Us Ya Bike

– We take a look at some rider submitted bike photos. – This will be an ongoing segment and we will have some prizes for this in the future so get snapping

Special Guest: Dean Patch

– Discussing BMX with Dean Patch. Dean raced in the late 70’s to the mid 90’s, took 20 years of racing and has been racing again for 5 years. We asked him about his background, what brought him back into the sport after a 20 year break and what he thinks the major differences are from his first time around at racing and now.

Got some feedback?

– We’d love to hear from you! Good or bad, as Gary says we’re big boys, we can take it. Email ecitv@bmxultra.com


– When Shane and Gary get together you can be sure there will be some laughs, and always bound to be some bloopers, especially when Shane has some trouble adjusting his chair.

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