100% BMX Racing Show: Episode 6 “Bigger Than Texas”

In Episode 6 of ECITV we talk to Northern BMX Club president Craig Graham about the redevelopment of their facilities and rapid growth of their club. We are graced by some amazing bikes in our Show Us Ya Bike competition. We talk to Michael Bias about improving cornering and track speed and George Costa from Rennen walks us through the factory and shows us a lot of their product range.

00:00 Introduction
02:38 General Discussion
03:48 Interview with Craig Graham from Northern BMX
19:15 Show Us Ya Bike
32:45 The Bias Opinion with Michael Bias
45:10 Rennen factory walk through and new products with George Costa
1:14:21 Coming Up
1:18:06 Bloopers

General Discussion (Jump to 02:38)
– Interview with Craig Graham from Northern BMX (Jump to 03:48)

Show Us Ya Bike (Jump to 19:15)

The Bias Opinion with Michael Bias (Jump to 32:45)
– Coaching tips on improving cornering and track speed

Interview with Rennen’s George Costa – Part 3 (Jump to 45:10)
– Rennen factory walk through
– New products

Coming Up (Jump to 1:14:21)
– Episode 7: Women in BMX Racing feature
– Dozer’s Dad Joke Battle where Dozer takes on Hayden Fletcher
– Interview with Nathan Glab, young Victorian Pro rider about racing, Supercross events in Australia and coaching.

Bloopers (Jump to 1:18:06)
– Don’t forget the out takes/bloopers at the end. The guys are full of them.

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