100% BMX Racing Show: Episode 5 “Let’s Do It”

In Episode 5 of ECITV we have the final part of our Disc Vs V Brake discussion with Dean Patch and Paul Knox as guests. We have part 2 (of 3) of our interview with George Costa from Rennen. This time he shows us some new products and gives a lot of background on Rennen and it’s products. Our favourite segment Show Us Ya Bike gets tougher to judge with four amazing bikes. Gary tells you how you can hire some Rennen Adjustable cranks. We also have plenty of general BMX racing discussions. Don’t forget to check out the bloopers at the end.

The Rundown

00:00 Introduction
01:12 General Discussion
09:52 Disc Vs V Brake Part 2
10:37 Paul Knox
17:41 Dean Patch
27:48 Show Us Ya Bike
43:21 George Costa from Rennen
– New products and Interview
1:04:20 Hire Rennen adjustable cranks from ECI
1:07:10 What’s coming Up on ECITV
1:12:26 Bloopers

General Discussion 01:12

– We have new accounts on Instagram ECITVBMX and Facebook ECITVBMX. Go ahead and follow, like and share
– Lilydale BMX Club (Vic) celebrate 40th anniversary this year
– Macarthur (Pirates) BMX Club (NSW) new track completed
– Another Kai Update – https://bmxaustralia.com.au/kaifight7…

Disc Brake Vs V Brake Part 2 09:52

10:37 Paul Knox the in-house bike tech from ECITV
17:41 Dean Patch team rider from Chase BMX Australia

Show Us Ya Bike 27:48

– Tim Austin (Supercross BMX Bolt LT)
– Shaun “The Dozer” Collins (Supercross BMX 450z)
– Lochie Hines (Chase ACT 1.0)
– Mario Iancoitti a.k.a Marz Yakka (Staats)

George Costa from Rennen 43:21

– New products
– Interview

Hire Rennen adjustable cranks from ECI 1:04:20

Coming Up 1:07:10

– Rennen Factory Walk through
– New discussion: Alloy Vs Cromo race cranks
– More Interviews
– A Bias Opinion with Michael Bias

Bloopers 1:12:26

– Don’t forget the out takes/bloopers at the end. The guys are full of them.


Thanks for all the contributors especially George Costa, Dean Patch and Paul Knox.

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