100% BMX Racing Show: Episode 4 “At the Hop”

In this episode of ECITV we have more COVID talk and how it affects the BMX racing industry. This time the boys are in discussion with with George Costa from Rennen and Quentin Grun from Prostart. We have another Show us ya bike showdown. There’s also new regular segment with Michael Bias from NZ and some general discussion.

The Rundown

00:00 Introduction
02:59 General Discussion
08:31 COVID-19 vs The BMX Race Industry Part 2
10:10 George Costa from Rennen USA
24:00 Quentin Grun from Prostart France
43:57 Show Us Ya Bike
59:42 The Bias Opinion with Michael Bias
1:08:46 Coming Up
1:13:16 Bloopers

General Discussion Jump to 02:59

Covid 19 Part 2 Jump to 08:31

  • 10:10 George Costa from Rennen USA
  • 24:00 Quentin Grun from Prostart France
  • There are shipping delays, so if you bought something online expect delays, please don’t blame the shipper.

Show Us Ya Bike Jump to 43:57

  • Paul Knox (Morrison Viper. A $99 Woolworths bike from NZ)
  • Amie Main (Supercross ENVY V3 Pro Short Cruiser)
  • Sam Rae (Yes Type-X Pro XXL cruiser)
  • Craig Austin (Supercross Envy sport – TAKE 2)
  • Zeeke Noonan (TNT)

The Bias Opinion Jump to 59:42

A new segment where we will catch up with Elite BMXer Michael Bias from New Zealand. This week we discuss how COVID-19 effects him as an athlete looking to qualify for the Olympics.

Coming Up in Future Episodes Jump to 1:08:46

  • More Dozer’s Dad Joke Battles. Hayden Fletcher, Michael Bias and Max Cairns have all put their hands up.
  • More industry and rider interviews – let us know who you would like to hear from.
  • George Costa from Rennen gives us a walk though at the Rennen Shop, and shows us some new products.
  • We’re going to come back to the Disc Vs V Brake discussion.

Bloopers Jump to 1:13:16

Don’t forget the out takes/bloopers at the end. The guys are full of them.


Thanks for all the contributors especially George Costa, Quentin Grun and Michael Bias.

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