100% BMX Racing Show: Episode 2 “Breaking Bad”

We’ve fixed the audio problems!

General discussion

  • What to do during the Coronavirus. Be safe! oh and watch ECITV videos…we insist!
  • Our new website ecitv.com.au
  • Our email address actually is ecitv@bmxultra.com Gary
  • New segments coming up
    • We have coordinated correspondents from Tas, SA, NSW and Qld and will be waiting for racing to recommence to start bringing upcoming events from around the country
    • Dad Joke Battle: Shaun Collins will challenge some big names in the BMX scene to a dad joke battle, its possible his first challenger will be Max Cairns
    • School of Hard Knox: Tech talk with the Yoda of BMX Paul Knox. Share his knowledge he will.

Show Us Ya Bike

  • We take a look at some rider submitted bike photos. And award our first official winner.
  • This will be an ongoing segment and we will have some prizes for this in the future so get snapping.

Special Guest: Ryan Whitling

  • Ryan entered the sport of BMX in his late 30’s, we asked him what it was that attracted him to the sport and what’s keeping him motivated despite a horrific crash and injury.

Got some feedback?

  • We’d love to hear from you! Good or bad, as Gary says we’re big boys, we can take it. Email ecitv@bmxultra.com


  • When Shane and Gary get together you can be sure there will be some laughs, and always bound to be some bloopers

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